Indievania now hosting Incognito Episodes! Linux version now available!

Good news everyone!

We are very happy to announce that the open indie platform Indievania has listed our titles for purchase. They have all the available versions for Windows, Mac and Linux so if you got a nix’ box and want to play some Incognito we finally have a proper outlet for you!

Incognito Episode 1:

Incognito Episode 2:

Incognito Episode 3:

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  1. benderamp wrote:

    Cool, is there a demo?

  2. Maxwolf Goodliffe wrote:

    Since we had to remove all the DRM and serial number system from the game completely after being cracked by SKIDROW and RELOADED there is no longer a demo since we relied on that system to unlock to a full version. If you wanted to make a demo would have to repack a special version of the game that is missing the later levels or something like this.

  3. Venn Stone wrote:

    No Linux demo, then? I would like to give it a capture for L.G.C. if you get one working.


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