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It appears we have attracted the attention of SKIDROW and RELOADED cracking groups. In light of the game being hacked and now available for download we here ponder what we should do next in response.

Our firm belief is that hackers seek to only offer a better product (one that does not have DRM) such as our serial number system which registers the game for each episode that you the customer buy from us.

So what is a small Canadian indie dev. team to do? We think we have a few options:

Solution 1: Try to fight something a small company like ours has absolutely no chance at doing, probably going insane in the process.

Solution 2: Remove all forms of DRM from the game in attempt to stay on par with hackers and offer a better product for your money. After all, when we update the game their cracks will fail until they fix them again.

Solution 3: Do absolutely nothing at all.

We will come up with a decision in the coming week or so about what to do.

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  1. Magnus wrote:

    Follow GOG.com's example, remove all DRM?

  2. Anonymous wrote:

    That's the problem with DRM. It's one of those win/loose situations. I personally think that you should at least have some sort of drm system in place. As long as it doesn't cause much hassle to the customer then it's all good. If you have no drm then you will find even more torrents popping up all over the place. At least with some basic drm it prevents the average gamer from uploading it to a torrent right?

  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Just go with no DRM, and update patch frequently – the cracks will be obsolote, and big grps like skiwdrow and such, won't bother to crack your agema again and again, month by month – so at the end, you won. In the meanwhile, consider your already cracked-torrented v1.0 as a "public demo". It'll work. good luck, don't give up!

  4. Anonymous wrote:

    "Support the software developers. If you like this game, BUY IT!" Without torrent sites, movies such as Ink and other Indie products would have less advertising, or a much higher advertising budget. Word of mouth is not only less expensive, it's the most effective form of advertising. http://www.rlslog.net/piracy-isnt-that-bad-and-they-know-it/

    Giant publishing companies likely spend more money fighting piracy than they lose through "lost sales" as most of these people wouldn't pay either way, or end up buying the product or sending a donation if they like it. Radiohead is a great example, having made about $3 million in "sales" during the first week, even though they offered it basically for free. http://www.switched.com/2007/12/28/fortune-puts-radioheads-name-your-price-album-on-list-of-dumbest-ideas/

    You decide whether this form of free advertising is a good thing or not, but I suggest taking down any mention of torrent sites so as to avoid temptation of site visitors.

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